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School or college transport

Enhanced DBS:

Our drivers offer frequent transport for schools and council Services.

Students in high school or college may rely on Hampshire Cars Limited to deliver them to their destinations in a clean, safe, and timely manner. Our enhanced DBS-checked drivers have a stellar reputation and long-term contracts to provide student taxi services with the local municipalities and schools.

You can rely on Hampshire Cars Limited for dependable, cheap transport if you or your child needs regular transport to and from school. Give us a try and you’ll see why so many local parents entrust us everyday with their children. A significant portion of our clients depend on us for daily transit to and from private schools.

Please send an email to accounts@hampshirecarsltd.com to request school or college travel. Apply for free school transport from your local councils below
FOR Hampshire:

Enhanced DBS:

The most thorough and in-depth criminal history and barring check that can be performed in the UK is an enhanced DBS check.

Employers and groups may request an enhanced disclosure to make sure that applicants are qualified for the position. The enhanced check is typically utilised to screen candidates for positions involving the care of vulnerable adults or children.

The enhanced disclosure entails investigating a person’s criminal past and determining whether they are on the adult or child barred list. The Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) conducts the enhanced DBS check in England and Wales, and Disclosure Scotland conducts it in Scotland.

What is covered by an enhanced DBS check?

An enhanced disclosure looks for any of the following:

  • Caution
  • Convictions
  • Reprimands and warnings (now replaced by youth cautions)
  • Previously stepped-down cautions or convictions
  • Police intelligence reports (local police can add anything they think is relevant)
  • Inclusion on the Children’s and/or Barring List (if specified on the application).

The report discloses the date of the conviction or caution, the court’s name, the type of offence committed, the offense’s date, and the specifics of the sentence given for each criminal offence that was reported.

Safeguarding Trained

Safeguarding training for taxi and private hire licence holders.

Every day in the United Kingdom, thousands of youngsters and elderly people utilize public transit. Whether they are riding to school or somewhere else, every passenger has the right to feel safe.

You have a significant impact on guaranteeing the safety of your passengers as a licence holder. This goes beyond simply checking that everyone is wearing a seatbelt and that you are driving carefully to avoid traffic accidents. Without safeguarding training, you might not be able to identify when a passenger is in danger or in need of your assistance. Your passengers may be showing indicators of some extremely significant safeguarding concerns.

In a similar vein, if you work as a driver or an operator, you can see abuse take place. If you have successfully completed a safeguarding training course, you will be aware of the best way to report your concerns.

This course’s goal is to help both experienced and novice cab drivers better understand how to look out for and protect children, young people, and vulnerable adults as well as how to react when there is proof or cause for fear that one of these groups has been harmed.

Taxi and private hire drivers who complete the training will have a better grasp of safeguarding, their obligations, and best practise guidelines. The applicant will be able to define what the term “safeguarding” means. Determine at-risk adults and other vulnerable individuals. Learn the definitions of domestic abuse, human trafficking, modern slavery, and child sexual and criminal exploitation. Recognize the various forms of abuse and the associated symptoms. Determine any questionable activity. know who and how to contact with issues. Recognize their safeguarding obligations and recommended practices.

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